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Landscape Design

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Landscape & Pool Installation Case History
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Landscape Design in Houston Texas

Have you cut out and collected pictures of great landscaping ideas, but now wonder how to actually put them onto your own property? Have you wanted to capture the vision of a stately French mansion on your property in Houston, Texas? Would you like to know whether the plants you’ve admired in European and New England countryside estates will grow on the Texas coastal plains?

If so, you need the services of an experienced residential
landscape professional. A competent
landscape designer or landscape architect takes you through the entire design development process, which includes: consultation and program development, analysis of the existing site, conceptual landscaping planning, construction documentation and permitting. And then on towards turning the vision in your mind from virtual reality to actual reality.


Analysis of the Site
An essential part of the initial consultation with your landscape professional or landscape architect is a walk around your property. Here is where you get to share your overall vision, detail your wants and needs and desires. It should be a free-flowing discussion about aesthetics, which includes your likes and dislikes of materials, preferences on arrangements—all the “wouldn’t it be nice if…” things you’ve been considering.

Try to be as specific as you can. For example, you may want a deck to seat a party of ten people or a large lawn area on which your three- and five-year-old can play with your Labrador retriever. This detailed information will be brought together by your residential landscape designer or landscape architect to create a program of uses. The program organizes uses by their relationship to one another, much like the inside flow of your home. In fact, the architecture and flow of your home should relate to the architecture and flow of your landscaping. Understanding these relationships and interpreting them well separates the artist-architectural designer from a landscape horticulturalist-contractor.

Residential Landscaping Design
The next step in the design process develops out of the meeting notes, site analysis, program of uses, and the design professional’s experience. At this conceptual level, the designer or architect conveys the overall design intent, such as the gener
al use areas and their sizes, swimming pools and other hardscapes, outdoor kitchens and outdoor fountains, lawn areas, and plantings. This phase will also be the time when it is determined which wish list items are possible on the site and which are not. An overall cost study is developed from the conceptual design as well.

Moving Forward with your Design:
Once you have agreed on the overall design intent, sizes of use areas, general material selections and their applications, you are ready to begin the landscaping design development and construction phase. The documentation for this phase can be broken down into three groups: 1) design drawings for permitting. 2) drawings to convey final design intent and material selections for you and the installation contractor 3) drawings, called construction documents, with specifications for materials, specifications for their installation and installation methods.

These drawings may be accompanied by a full package of additional drawings to include an existing site survey, tree disposition and elevation plan,
tree preservation plan, demolition plan, swimming pool plan, landscape drainage systems, irrigation systems, hardscape plan including outdoor kitchen and outdoor water fountains, landscape planting plan, landscape lighting plan, and construction details for the above plans.

As for permits, each city has its own unique requirements for landscape plan approvals. The norm is a submittal of the entire permitting package to be approved or rejected by a committee board. For this reason, it is important to hire a landscaping company that is fluent in these areas, one who knows what vital information to include, such as lot coverage ratios, engineered drainage plans,
pool fencing layout and specifications. It is equally important to omit unnecessary information that could create confusion or send up a red flag that would keep the project from getting approved. A knowledgeable residential landscape professional or landscape architect helps win approval as quickly as possible.


Garden Design and the End Results
Whether your project is a simple landscaping design that only encompasses landscape planting or is a complex construction package, it is vital that you hire a landscape designer or landscape architect that is competent in the skill sets detailed here. For your satisfaction, it is also important to distinguish between off-the-shelf landscaping design and a designer who can reflect your unique style. Always ask to see a portfolio and visit the website to determine if the landscaping company under consideration has the sense of style you appreciate and is one who can design a landscape that complements your home and lifestyle.

Additionally, it is highly recommended that you utilize a design company that not only does the design work, but also performs project management and landscaping installation. There is a world of difference between someone who has great ideas and another person with great ideas who also knows the availability and best use of local materials, local contractors and their methods of construction, overall cost and budget development, and can then maintain the finished product. In short, you want a designer or architect who can deliver a design solution that flourishes in the Houston climate over the long term.

Since 1987
Exterior Worlds has been making dream landscapes come true throughout the greater Houston area including the Memorial Villages, Tanglewood, River Oaks, West University, Bellaire and the greater Houston area since 1987. Call 713-827-2255 and ask about its residential landscape design services.

For more the 20 years Exterior Worlds has specialized in servicing many of Houston's fine neighborhoods.

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What constitutes a small perennial garden? Compact size and the exclusive use of perennial flowers, ground covers, vines, shrubs, and trees constitute this particular style of garden design.
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Some people misperceive the minimalism of modern landscape design as something cold and barren. Nothing could be further from reality. While this style of landscaping admittedly limits organic growth in favor of human structure and artistry, it never seeks to stamp out the force of life—it only se...
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Upscale landscape design blends the best amenities with the beauty of nature. Various types of landscape architecture create something of a home outside of home, where guests are made to feel a level of comfort previously known only to the interiors of the largest custom homes.
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Landscape design and installation is a multiphase process that begins with consultation and ends in the emergence of an outdoor living environment that rivals interior space. During the initial planning stage, homeowners express their wishes, plans, and personal tastes to professionals trained in d...
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Trough gardening allows you to garden on a miniature level using all the elements of a larger garden. Vegetation of all types can be added to these containers so long as it will hardily grow within the confines of the space. Rocks, gravel, and decorative elements can also be added to emulate the m...
Tropical Landscaping Theme Gives You a Year Round Vacation Spot
With a tropical landscaping design, you can experience a vacation without taking a vacation any time you step into the realm of a magical backyard we design just for you. With just a few basic elements you find in any luxury resort, your home becomes a vacation spot for the evening, the weekend, or...
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When we say envy, we are not saying that you create a yard that is so ostentatious that it makes other people feel small compared to you. Rather, we mean that you hire a landscape designer to make your property a place that inspires others when they see it. They may want to do something similar wi...
Iron Landscape
Many of Houston’s largest homes sit on several acres of land. You do not normally see these from main thoroughfares like Westheimer or Richmond, but you do see them in places along Memorial Drive, Blalock and throughout River Oaks.
Lawn Landscape Design
Lawn landscape design is more than simple yard care. It is more about craftsmanship than mowing. The lawn is worked into a unifying fabric of shapes and design that connect the many elements of residential landscape design. Both organic and inorganic forms must be included in this fabric.
Waterfall Landscape Design
The remarkable thing about waterfall landscape design is the sheer transformative power it has on hardscape and softscape elements. There are many different types of landscape design in the world, some formal, some traditional, others historical and cultural in origin. The beauty of waterfall land...
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Pond landscape design can function as an element in its own right or work as part of a more complex landscaping form such as a Japanese garden or tropical garden. In either scenario, pond landscape design should occupy a central position to all or part of the yard.
Rock Landscape Design
The intention of all professional landscaping is to shape the natural world into a comfortable outdoor living space suitable for human relaxation and entertainment. Perhaps no other element serves this intention quite so well as stone.
Garden Landscape Design
Garden landscape design contains and magnifies the power of organic vitality through controlled cultivation of organic forms. It works to compliment the architecture of the home and other outdoor structures, and it serves as a unifying force between the natural and manmade.
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One of the most important services we offer to our clients is pool landscape design services. We do this because we know the importance of the position that a well-constructed swimming pool occupies on the landscape. A custom swimming pool represents a special environment connected to all surround...
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If we were to have a truly native landscape in Houston Texas it would look like an abandon field of various grasses, a thicket edge of tangled vines, shrubs and underbrush or a mature grove of oaks with leaf ground cover underneath. These landscapes are beautiful out in the countryside but in our su...
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If you're thinking about some new ideas, design tips or information for your landscape garden design, Exterior Worlds has plenty of good ones to get you started. Just dive in and start planning.
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The fascination with tropical landscaping makes sense in Houston because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, cultural influences of the tropics, subtropics of Spain and Latin America which provide plenty of local inspiration for creating the tropical landscape design.
Landscape Design after a Hurricane
When a Hurricane like Ike blows through your Houston neighborhood and 100 mile an hour winds destroy your prized trees, maybe you loose several tall pines or have a prized oak that gets uplifted. The loss of large trees, storm debris and the damage they do are horrific but as the sky clears there ar...
Landscape Design for Difficult Spaces
Many clients find themselves in a difficult position trying to integrate a remodeled home with new elevations, entrances and windows that no longer have a good relationship with the existing landscape design.
Landscape Design for Entertainment
What is designing for entertainment? It is creating ambiance and a wonderful mood. In order to do this you have to know the elements that compose the feeling of repose, relaxation, elegance, pleasure and arrange landscape design elements in such a way that everything has a convenient layout and prov...
Low Maintenance Landscape Design
“With a design for low maintenance, the goals are basically the same as for any other landscape design, except we focus on using materials that reduce the Big Four of ongoing maintenance: watering, trimming, weeding and mulching,” says Jeff Halper, landscape design specialist with Exterior Worlds.
Formal Landscape Design
Formal landscape design invokes order and balance. Think of the gardens of Monticello, the landscaping of Versailles, and, closer to home, the gardens of Bayou Bend, which is part of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
Classic Landscape Design
Classical landscape design is a subset of formal landscape design that uses linear, clean lines to develop an uncluttered look. These lines can be drawn with rows of trees and well-trimmed hedges, perfect plantings for the classical landscape design.
Mediterranean Landscape Design
Every garden has a bit of fantasy in it and, for Houstonians longing for the look and feel of, say, Tuscany or the Italian Renaissance period, no garden fills that desire like a Mediterranean landscape design.
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