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Landscape Design Tree Placements

For Exterior Worlds, landscape design tree placement within your Houston landscape is part science, part art. While the initial goal may be, say, to provide some much-needed shade, we have an opportunity with a landscape design tree project to unify the look of your property and give it long-lasting elegance.

For the best landscape design tree schemes, a residential landscape designer such as Exterior Worlds is a good partner to have. Our expertise is invaluable when you consider the long-term impact of trees. We can help you assess the trees’ influence on your garden design and determine what trees you need for balance, environmental reasons and overall visual effect.

For instance in an urban landscaping plan, a row of trees along a street might offer a sense of enclosure or noise barrier. However, you also might want some well-placed views from the street to welcome visitors to enjoy the garden space, even when casually driving by. We can help you achieve both objectives.

Trees are also important in estates landscaping. They help draw lines in the expansive space, creating necessary walls and boundaries. They can complement your home’s architecture, such as how narrow trees accentuate its height or a blank wall seems to invite the placement of a tree. For contemporary homes, spreading and weeping trees reinforce horizontal lines. Traditional homes can handle the upright, columnar effect of species such as found in oak, juniper, or cypress groups.

In general, tall trees placed at the corners of the house help soften the edges and connect it to the landscape. They can make a small house appear larger by creating the illusion of association. Medium-size flowering trees (dogwood and crape myrtle are good examples) have a voluminous affect suitable for a cottage-style home.

Trees can be an important attribute in a landscape design for low maintenance. Colorful foliage is a low maintenance solution for year-round color. For instance, the fruit-bearing American holly is a good choice for southern gardens. Beware of planting too much of the same species, though, because what will the landscape offer when these trees stop flowering? Instead, we encourage our clients to select trees and plants with a staggered bloom cycle throughout the year. 

Research pays off, especially when you are talking about objects in the landscape that are not easily moved, such a trees, bush planting andfoundation planting. You don't want to put a lot of effort into them only to arrive at a displeasing outcome in a few years when the plants have grown to maturity.

Another aspect of your landscape design tree project is Houston tree lighting. Lit trees give a property more dimension and depth. Lighting, with the resulting interplay of light and shadow and movement, also makes trees look nearly magical at dusk and dark. We are experts at devising the most appropriate plans while still maintaining the health of your trees.

High end landscapes in the Houston area make elegant use of trees by employing the design principles of scale, line and balance in exemplary ways. These well-placed trees connect the open space with the man-made structures, yoking them together into a unified whole.

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