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 Modern Landscape & Fountain Installation Case Study   Modern Landscape & Fountain Installation Case Study 
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 Modern Landscape Renovation   Modern Landscape Renovation 
The problem this Memorial-Houston homeowner faced was that her sumptuous contemporary home, an austere series of interconnected cubes of various more.
 Modern Landscaping & Home Design-Installation Services Houston   Modern Landscaping & Home Design-Installation Services Houston 
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 Rice Village Modern Landscape Design Case Study   Rice Village Modern Landscape Design Case Study 
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 Sugar Land Modern Landscape Design Project   Sugar Land Modern Landscape Design Project 
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Architecture Landscape: Modern Times, Modern Methods
Architecture landscape uses time-honored principles of design to create stunning and livable landscapes. The components of such a modern, inspired landscape ...

Contemporary Koi Ponds
Contemporary koi ponds feature very intentional designs that follow manmade rules of geometric order. The beauty of this form lies in the versatility and freedom of creative design that it affords the residential landscape designer. While it is truly a modern design element, its aesthetic is not l ...

Contemporary Landscape Design
Unlike modern-it utilizes traditional approaches to space with newer finishes or applied technologies. Without realizing it, contemporary design exists everywhere such as in a 60’s home remodel or a new classic home with modern finishes-the slicker look of all stainless steel appliances. ...

Contemporary Water Fountains
In general, contemporary design means spare and simple geometries arranged in a pleasing, functional way. Combining innovation and flair, these designs use dramatic shapes to create a point of view that is fluid and natural. We believe these adjectives describe contemporary water fountains, too. ...

High End Modern Landscaping
High end modern landscaping adds tremendous value to both residential and commercial locales. What differentiates these landscapes from standard modern and contemporary designs is their very intentional use of geometric shapes, exceptionally high-grade materials, and thoughtful selectivity when it ...

How Land Artists Enhance Contemporary and Modern Landscaping
Exterior Worlds land artists create some of the most unique modern and contemporary landscaping designs in the city. They feature a variety of accent that goes beyond the typical minimalist garden, custom hardscape, and abstract sculpture display. Our themes are developed around the architecture o ...

Japanese Garden Design
Just as landscape gardens of the West followed historic points of reference such as Classical Garden Design, Traditional Garden Design, English Garden Design on up threw Modern Garden Design, the Japanese garden tradition has a history that followed the trends and lifestyles of their location and ti ...

Landscape Design Plans
Landscape design plans are developed to compliment the architecture of your home. It is as if the innate aesthetic of your house is captured in theme, then extended into the outdoor space of your yard. Styles that are common throughout the Houston landscape are French, Colonial America, English, I ...

Linear Pool Designs
Linear pool designs can be integrated into a variety of Houston landscaping plans. Linearity is an integral element of classical, formal, modern, and contemporary design. Any home that features a strong preference for clear lines and sharp angles can be enhanced with a linear swimming pool. Many ...

Mid Century Modern Landscape Design
If you own a home built in the mid century architectural style, or if you have recently moved into a contemporary custom home with striking similarities to homes built between the 1930s and 1960s, you might want to consider investing in a mid century modern landscape design. This unique blend of fo ...

Mid Century Modern Landscaping
Mid century modern landscaping continues to remain popular even though we are well into the 21st Century now. This is because many of the custom, modern, and contemporary homes today continue the major themes of mid-twentieth century modern architecture. Architectural geometry based on quadrilater ...

Mid Century Modern Landscaping Ideas
Mid century modern landscaping ideas came about due to cultural changes during the 1930s to the 1960s. Society was tired of the formalities of Victorianism and was ready for fresh, bold new concepts. This shift in perceptions was reflected in both the architectural styles and landscaping designs t ...

Minimal Garden
In a minimal garden, hardscapes are used to define geometric shapes and linear movements that correspond to home and landscape architectural motifs. One of the most common hardscapes used to create such boundaries is a custom patio. Because contemporary and modern design so heavily favor the inor ...

Minimalist Landscape Design
Minimalist landscape design is based upon the aesthetic principle of “less is more”. Currently, it is most commonly associated with contemporary landscape design due to the modernist reduction of vegetation and the emphasis of inorganic elements over organics. ...

Modern Courtyard Design
The intent of modern courtyard design is to emphasize the power of human consciousness over the forces of natural selection. Its purpose is to elevate thought above feeling without destroying feeling, and to elevate the value of abstract ideas to the level of concrete forms typically regarded as th ...

Modern fountain designers in Houston
Modern fountain designers often take elements from previous styles of design and reduce them to their most fundamental components. This is practice is known as minimalism and it is a core values of all things contemporary and modern. ...

Modern Garden Décor
Modern garden decor constitutes the ground and aesthetic center of the modern garden. While it uses organic elements to support its structures, it insists on maintaining a unique independence from nature that characterizes its attempt to explore the unknown through the generation of abstract form. ...

Modern Garden Design Means Minimal Garden Maintenance
You may have wanted to invest in garden design for many years now, but you have procrastinated doing so because of the high level of maintenance most assume goes with a garden. While it is true that many of the more ornate garden designs require a great deal of constant care, this is not the case w ...

Modern Garden Ideas
On one level, all modern garden ideas are based upon a common set of core values. Like other components of modern landscape design, they consist primarily of inorganic elements. Structure is a symbol of conscious thought; plant life symbolizes the energies of life and mind. ...

Modern Gazebo
Modern Gazebos, long popular in commercial landscaping, are experiencing an upsurge in popularity in residential landscaping as well. This can be directly attributed to the growing popularity of contemporary homes and landscape concepts. ...

Modern Hardscape
What makes modern hardscape unique compared to other forms of hardscape design? It has a definitively contemporary look to it. It is normally light in color in order to make it stand out from the surrounding lawn. it also has more dimensions to it. It is not uncommon it to include walls, steps, ...

Modern Home Garden
Modern home gardens are contemporary corollaries that either directly reflect or indirectly compliment the architecture of a contemporary or modern style home. As we have discussed in other articles of our website, contemporary and modern architecture are aesthetics that exists primarily on the me ...

Modern Landscape Design
Modernism, in the context of landscape design, is a result of forms and functions that reflect the need for outdoor living spaces that enhance contemporary lifestyles. ...

Modern Outdoor Garden
Modern outdoor gardens are the backbone of modern landscape design and contemporary landscape design. These designs minimize the importance of organic features in landscape architecture and look instead to geometric forms, relationships between geometric points, and sophisticated materials that com ...

Modern Outdoor Lighting
Modern outdoor lighting places heavy emphasis on architecture in such a way as to create a sense of living outdoors. It is more effect oriented than function oriented— as if the feeling of being inside has been taken from the home interior and placed around structures and gathering places throughou ...

Modern Swimming Pool
A modern swimming pool makes a strong statement of class without screaming for validation or undue attention. By the sheer power of its clean geometry, and with a highly polished patio that magnifies the luminance of the water, your pool is chic and luxurious, but it is never ostentatious in a wa ...

Modern Tropical Garden
If you own a contemporary or modern-style home in the Houston area, you can call Exterior Worlds to create a tropical garden whose design adds a touch of paradise to the abstract motifs that characterize contemporary design. Our tropical gardens are custom installed to support not only to home arch ...

Modern Water Fountains
When developing a modern landscaping design to support a contemporary-style home, Exterior Worlds relies heavily on geometry to develop abstract themes in our design work. Our intention is to represent a world of that consists of basic shapes that have been combined and morphed into new patterns an ...

Modern Water Gardens
Modern water gardens combine the organic with the mathematical and the abstract. The purpose of anything modern is to place the mind of man over the forces of nature. Since we typically associate nature with greenery, the use of plants around a modern water garden has to be minimal and highly sele ...

Moss Landscaping and Stepping Stones
Moss capped rocks can serve as landmarks along this trail. They can mark the location of gardens, natural ponds, arbor, outdoor kitchens, courtyards, patios, and even outdoor art. No landscape, be it traditional, formal, or modern, cannot be enhanced with selective, controlled plantings of moss. ...

Outdoor Lounge Design
The virtue that outdoor lounge design contributes to the landscape is a unique a sense of openness and freedom combined with a feeling of unspoken separation from more busy and activity-prone areas of the yard. It creates a special outdoor living experience replete with all the comforts of a modern ...

Professional Landscape Service
Regardless of whether it is a dramatic modern landscape design or english landscaping, a well-planned, well-maintained property says something about the owner. The well thought-out landscape plan and profession landscape service conveys a message about who you are and can make the property stand out ...

Putting Your Lawn Sprinkler System to Work
While technology can be viewed as a mixed success in many areas of modern living, it has wrought an unqualified success with lawn sprinkler systems in yard landscape designs. These systems have taken over the drudgery of watering a lawn: no more watching the clock and dragging hoses around and forge ...

Small Modern Gardens
One of the best things about a modern garden is that you can build one almost anywhere on a landscape. It can be constructed as an accent to building architecture, an adjunct spatial compliment to hardscape design, or the creation of a special environment for people to relax and enjoy a break from ...

Sophisticated Modern Landscape Designs
Some people misperceive the minimalism of modern landscape design as something cold and barren. Nothing could be further from reality. While this style of landscaping admittedly limits organic growth in favor of human structure and artistry, it never seeks to stamp out the force of life—it only se ...

Soul-Soothing Sounds of Tranquil Fountains
Outdoor water fountains are wonderful additions to any home landscape design. Water enchants the eye and ear. In particular, a tranquil fountain, which Exterior Worlds designs specifically to drown out the unwanted and annoying noises of modern life without overwhelming the space, works a special ma ...
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