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Houston Landscape Design

Exterior Worlds handles all elements of the design process and oversees construction of all landscape elements.  Consultation begins our process as we listen to clients and let them tell us about themselves and their ideas of outdoor living space.  Our intention is to give tangible form to wishes, desires, and dreams.  Vegetation and structures must express the personality of the homeowner and support the architecture of the home with a beautiful yard design that functions as well as it looks. 

Luxury Houston Landscaping
Many of our clients live on very large lots in sophisticated custom homes.  These individuals require much more than a simple landscaping design plan.  They require an outdoor equivalent of the refined amenities of the truly upscale home.  Organic elements and landscape architecture we build for them offer a level of human comfort equivalent to that of the finest living room.  Outdoor space supports entertainment and events so that people never feel the need to enter the home itself, so complete is the moment outdoors.

Houston Patio Design
Patio design is an integral part of almost every landscaping project we have ever completed.  A patio that we design always has three basic characteristics no matter where it is located, how large it is, or what type of landscape theme within which it resides. 

First, it always supports something.  It either supports a landscape element it surrounds, or it stands alone to support an activity.  Secondly, it always appears decorative in spite of its deliberately functional nature.  We never build anything that just works but doesn’t look good while it is working.  Finally, it always looks beyond itself in importance.  By this we mean that any patio we build works to strengthen thematic ties between multiple landscape elements.

Houston Swimming Pools
We are also one of the few Houston landscape companies that delve into swimming pool design to the extent that our team routinely does.  In our estimation, swimming pool design is one of the most important aspects of Houston home landscaping.  If a property houses a swimming pool of any kind, this pool absolutely must compliment the home and tie the home to the surrounding softscape and hardscape elements.

Should it fail to do so, the effects are catastrophic to the aesthetic of the entire landscaping plan.  More often than not, we arrive on a property where this has already happened.  For these clients, we always work very hard to provide them will a pool remodel, pool renovation, or new pool reconstruction to give them something far better than they ever imagined that will upgrade the curb appeal of their home. 

Houston Garden Design
We offer a full range of formal gardens, custom gardens, small gardens, and garden care services.  Gardens are carefully planned and strategically planted in key locations that add organic vitality in just the right amounts and in just the right places to make the entire Houston landscape come alive like never before. 

Custom gardens and contemporary gardens are two of the more significant specialties we offer our clients.  Knowledge of these unique garden specialties allows our designers to create highly unique garden designs that are individualized to the aesthetic requirements of the specific location in which we are working.

Houston Landscape Design Services
To create a true outdoor living environment, however, you need more than gardens and flower beds.  Humans feel the safest and most comfortable when they can enjoy their moments within structured boundaries.  This is the purpose of outdoor architecture.  By building courtyards, terraces, view decks, outdoor kitchens, and exterior fireplaces, we build an outdoor equivalent of a custom home interior that offers all the creature comforts of indoor life in the open-air context of total freedom and joy.

Houston Landscape Maintenance
To alleviate the burden of fertilization, tree trimming, garden work, and irrigation and drainage concerns, Exterior Worlds offers landscape maintenance service agreements that maintain organic the vitality and integrity of the landscape so the homeowner never has to worry about anything.

If you are interested in any high-end landscape services, Exterior Worlds has been providing the high quality residential landscape services and garden design services discussed above for the Memorial villages (Piney Point Village, Bunker Hill Village, Hunters Creek Village Hedwig Village), Tanglewood, River Oaks, West University and the greater Houston (Hou), area since 1987.

houzz interior design ideas
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